Silicone Edge GraphicsSupposedly you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but we say, yes you can! Now, we aren’t talking about cake; we’re talking about getting graphics with an upscale look but without paying upscale costs. How? With high resolution dye sublimation fabric graphics called Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). These graphics have a thin silicone perimeter that’s sewn into the fabric and allow the graphic to be inserted into the groove of an aluminum frame for a drum tight fit.

What Do Silicone Edge Graphics Offer?

Luxury. Silicone Edge Graphics deliver a stunning visual impact. With a clean edge, these graphics have no visible sew line. They aren’t just graphics because they also provide great ambience. They have a texture that is both noise and sound absorbing, making them an excellent addition to any large, loud, or public space.

Low Shipping Rates. These graphics can roll out to fill an entire wall, but are able to be shipped in a tube. This actually helps give it one of the lowest shipping rates per square foot of any graphic, and who doesn’t appreciate cost effectiveness?

Versatility. Silicone Edge Graphics can be used for a short term display or one that is permanent since assembly is quick and graphics are easy to change out. You can even add an eye-popping flare with an LED lighting frame that illuminates the sign without creating any heat.

Where Should I Display a SEG?

Really, the possibilities are endless. We think they are great for:

  • Tradeshows, expositions & events
  • Retail store windows
  • Retail interiors, P.O.S. applications
  • Office, meeting, room interiors
  • Space/room dividers
  • Hotels and hospitality settings

How do I install a SEG?

It’s actually quite easy. For a perfect fit, insert the edging AND the fabric into the grooves with a 1, 2, 3 step process. Here’s a quick video to show just how quick and simple it can be.


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