Prototype 2 Front Up Close Wingnut

Customized wooden clamp hardware eliminated the need for pole pockets.

Did you know that choosing the correct in-store signage hardware can actually save you 10%-30% on all future print purchases?

Case History.

In December 2012, we approached one of our larger customers about steps that could be taken to cut promotional printing costs without jeopardizing the amount of printing needed to effectively promote their campaigns. This retailer was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on in-store promotional signage.

The Solution.

We presented a solution that will save this client a minimum of 10% on all future printing purchases with no upfront costs. A simple hardware change allowed us to produce the graphics in a more efficient manor and extend that cost savings along to the client. It also unified all of the hardware within their locations to give them a more consistent look.

This solution will provide the customer over $100,000 worth of savings in 2013.