New Digital Print FeaturesDigital print is growing and subsequently evolving to expand features. This is a great thing! It means businesses are getting more options to meet their print needs and to help them create printed materials that give them advantages over competitors. Here are some of the newest features we have available and the solutions they offer your business.

New Digital Print Features

Printing on Synthetics. With our newest HP printing capabilities, we can now offer our customers the ability to print on a variety of substrates. Applications range from lenticular products, labels, panels, and mouse pads to plastic cards like gift cards, membership cards, and credit cards. Our presses support all kinds of special synthetics, and our technology allows us to print on clear and transparent substrates to produce clear overlays and impactful transparent business cards or greeting cards. This offers you a multitude of options for customization and personalization.

Textured, Raised, & Matte Effects. Thanks to HP Indigo ElectroInk, it’s now possible to create embossed-style textures. By using transparent layers of ink on the press, we can make an embossed look or raised effects and designs of different heights. These effects can be used to create high-quality wedding invitations, business cards, greeting cards, book covers, and any other printed material to which you’d like to add a unique. Application of these effects even extends to digital watermarks for a dose of extra security. Also, new matte ink effects can give your graphics a sophisticated, attention-stealing, glossy finish.

textured effect feature

White Ink. ElectroInk White creates an opaque, rich appearance to be applied to a variety of substrates. This includes colored, clear, or metallic substrates. This ink delivers high-impact applications and opens endless design options for materials like white-on-black invitations and eye catching greeting cards. We think this ink is also great for postcards, point of sale and special storefront display, direct mail materials, and unique labeling or packaging.

Fluorescent Pink Ink. Fluorescent Pink offers a lot of fun and creative options for times when you want colors to jump right off of the page. It really gleams when printed on darker or contrasting colors. You can use it for greeting cards, special offer displays, warning labels, product packaging, or any other material where you need to grab the reader’s attention. What’s even cooler is this ink has glow-in-the-dark effects under ultraviolet light. We’re excited to see all of the neat ways this gets put into use.

fluorescent pink ink feature

Invisible Print. HP has developed a new ink called Invisible Red that is innovating security measures. This ink allows you to produce print that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. You can use it to create text, barcodes, or images for high-security items or for anti-counterfeiting features. Have something you want to add a level of security to? We think this ink has great applications for plastic security or ID cards, tickets, high value coupons, licenses, or in house processing.

To start turning heads by adding one of our new digital print features to your print job, contact one of your team members.

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