There are so many things to consider when designing and creating your retail signage. A popular choice in signage is outdoor banners. Banners can be large, colorful, and easily handle the job of catching consumers’ eyes. We’ve explored the variety of color options for your banner and your designers have picked just the right fonts. Now, let’s make sure you’ve chosen the perfect vinyl for your banner.

5 Questions to Consider when Deciding Mesh Vinyl or Scrim Vinyl

  1. How far away will people be viewing your banner? Since mesh vinyl is a porous substrate it doesn’t provide a smooth printing surface for printing. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend mesh vinyl if your banner is being viewed within 10’. Scrim vinyl provides a smooth printing surface that provides more detail and vibrant colors.
  2. Is your banner Single or Double Sided? Mesh Vinyl doesn’t currently accommodate double sided printing so Scrim Vinyl is your best option for double sided printing.
  3. What is your budget? Mesh Vinyl will be approximately 50% higher than Scrim Vinyl, but both are affordable signage options.
  4. What size is your banner? Larger banners will do a couple of things that need to be considered. First, they will weigh more. Mesh vinyl is porous and usually weighs around 50% less than Scrim Vinyl which reduces shipping costs. Secondly, they catch more wind. Mesh vinyl is porous and allows wind to vent through the material.
  5. How are you displaying your banner? Is this a crane banner, fence screen, or super-sized building banner? If so, Mesh is probably your best option. If this is a promotional banner or yard banner that will attach between two posts, Scrim is probably your best option.

Quick Glance Comparison Chart

Mesh Vinyl or Scrim Vinyl

If you have more questions about choosing the best material for your needs then contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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