Variety of ColorsI’m no scientist, but I AM interested in helping you make your signage meaningful and valuable.  Did you know color choices and color schemes actually impact purchases made by customers? For example, a color advertisement is 42 times as likely to be read as one that is black and white. Also, studies show customers will make an initial judgment on a product within 90 seconds and about 62%-90% of that judgment will be based on color.

If color plays a role, we need to be up to speed on this research so we can use it to maximize benefits for business. Let’s take a look at the implications behind certain colors, what emotions they evoke, and how to use this information for your signage.

Colors Effects & Impact on Retail Signage

  • Red stimulates the mind and increases circulation. It serves as an alarm to customers to slam on brakes as it is an attention grabbing color. For these reasons, red makes a great color for any sale signage. This color will draw the attention of customers to the sale you are advertising and help them feel the urgency in getting the discount or sale. Red reduces analytical thinking and prompts buyers to make spontaneous decisions. Think about how fast (and recklessly) you might want to drive a bright, red sports car.

Lowe's Red Sale Signage

  • Blue is known to soothe and calm. It is the color of ocean water after all. It’s a color commonly preferred by many people so it makes customers feel secure and can build customer loyalty. Blue is often associated with trust and dependability. It’s a color that will please the majority of people so use it to promote products you would want customers to feel comfortable and relaxed with. Dressing rooms would be a good place for this.

Blue Signage in Dressing Room

  • Yellow is said to stimulate the nerves and increase energy and appetite. As the color of the sun, its brightness is eye-catching and communicates optimism. This would make a great color choice for directional signage.
  • Green is associated with health and nature. Sometimes this color is used to attract eco-friendly customers to a product. Use green to promote a sense of re-growth or bettering oneself.
  • Orange combines the brightness of yellow with the energy of red and is often associated with fairness and affordability. Stores that want to be portrayed as offering great deals can use orange to promote this. Use this color for signage for your everyday bargains to portray them as great “bang for the buck.”

Orange Wrangler Signage

  • Pink is a color of healing and calms people down. It is shown by scientists to slow down the endocrine system and relieve tense muscles. Think about that bottle of pink Pepto Bismol. With the calming effects of pink, a customer might feel more relaxed about opening his wallet and paying more money. Use pink near your register or any point of sale location.
  • Black is a classic color for sophistication. Think little black dress. It is used to promote class and a level of expense and is often used for packaging high value products. If you want to communicate prestige to a customer, use black to do so.
  • White is thought to be a color of cleanliness and purity. Think about a bride in her wedding gown. Child related businesses would do well in using white to communicate softness and innocence.

Kid's White Signage

Color can be used to target certain audiences too. Ask yourself “Who am I trying to market to?” Then consider these color associations. Research shows color preferences and color aversions vary by gender. Women tend to love blue, purple, and green while they frequently dislike orange, brown, and gray. On the other hand, men often prefer blue, green and black while having an aversion to brown, orange, and purple.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your designers make the right choice for your next signage project.

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