cost efficiencyWe’ve talked a lot about the variety of graphics available for retail stores and how to choose the best one for your display. But, there’s more to signage than meets the eye; we’ve got to choose the best hardware for that signage too. Hardware plays a big role in the ease of installation, the durability of your signage, and the versatility of your display. Designing the perfect signage is incredibly important for getting your message across, attracting customers, and directing shoppers toward specific sales, but we are just as concerned with what hardware will help hang or secure that valuable graphic. Hardware also plays a big role in making sure your displays fit your budget! Let’s look at two cases where the perfect hardware optimized cost efficiency for our clients.

Case Study- Outlet Client:

One of my largest customers came to me two years ago and asked if there was any way they could reduce their promotional signage expense. They were spending $25k-$30k monthly on promotional in-store signage and wanted to try and cut that number by 10%. They inquired about switching materials, which wasn’t an option because the material they were using was the most cost-effective for their needs. They discussed cutting back on the number of promos, which wasn’t a good idea because consumers want “new and fresh”. Finally, they discussed cutting back the amount of signage, which was an option but I had another idea. If we changed out the hardware that’s holding the signage, we could eliminate the top and bottom pole pockets. The new hardware allowed us to shear cut the banners reducing the banner material and reducing shipping costs. This totaled an approximate savings of $3,600 per order ($43,500 annually)! The projected ROI on the hardware was 6 months.

Case Study- A Solution for Every Ceiling:

Signage Hardware Lowes Foods

In 2015, we worked with Lowes Foods to implement their new Gofer Promo. With this promo, they wanted to create and utilize signage that could hang over certain aisles to promote sale products. We needed a hardware solution that could accommodate varying ceiling heights and allow for frequent and efficient movement of these signs. The solution that worked for their needs was the K-stick Solution which allowed Lowes Foods to avoid having to rent expensive scissor lifts each time they needed to move the signs.

Here are a few good sources for purchasing signage hardware: FFR Merchandising, Southern Imperial, and Kinter. To see if a hardware change can make your graphics more cost-effective, contact one of our team members today.

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