Our Frequently Asked Questions section includes instructions for setting up files for large format printing and more.  If your questions are not answered below, please contact us for more assistance.


How long can we expect the inks to last?

All of our equipment prints with UV inks. Some are better suited for outside, and will last up to 5 years before fading. You can expect inside graphics to last 7+ years if not in direct sunlight.

What's the minimum dpi you can use?

We recommend a minimum of 150dpi, and no lower than 100dpi for viewing within 3 feet.

How do we set up our files for the best production output for large format printing?

We accept most file types, but download our File Submission Guidelines for complete specifications.

What file size do you need for my graphics?

We use this algorithm:

Length in Inches of the size you want to print
x Width in Inches of the size you want to print
x 100 (dpi requirements)
x 4 (#of colors in your image)
Divided by 1,000,000 = MB required to produce your image

What is Direct Printing?

Direct Printing is when a machine prints directly onto a substrate. We can print on any flat surface up to 2″ thick. This includes glass, ceiling tiles, foam boards, wood, and many other products that are flat.

What is Latex Printing?

HP has a video out that explains this large format printing  process really well. Watch the Video.

What options do I have for wall murals?

Depending on  your project needs, you can use either custom wallpaper, PSA vinyl, or magnetic material.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences:

HBI Mebane Wall Mural Large Format Print

HBI Mebane Wall Mural

Custom Wallpaper is best suited for a permanent solution in a secure environment (corporate offices, restaurants, some retail locations). Most custom wallpapers tend to have an overall greater cost versus PSA Vinyl projects but the finished product gives a high end look. Wallpaper solutions work best if applied to a smooth surface and frequently require professional installation.
See pictures of some of our Custom Wallpaper Projects.

PSA Vinyl (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) is sometimes a more affordable option to custom wallpaper. Most PSA Vinyl comes with an over-laminate that protects it from fingerprints and smudges consistent in high traffic areas. PSA Vinyl can be applied on smooth or textured surfaces and frequently requires professional installation.
See pictures of our PSA Vinyl Projects.

Magnetic Murals are a great solution for locations that need frequent updating. After the initial installation these murals can be changed out in just minutes by almost anyone, which eliminates costly removal and installation charges. The initial upfront cost for a magnetic mural is greater than the other options, but typically provides an ROI on the next graphic change out. Professional installation is optional but recommended for the initial install.
See pictures of some of our Magnetic Mural Projects. More about installation of custom wall murals.

What is your average turn time for a project?

Our average turn time for a project is 3-5 business days, provided all materials needed to complete the project are available. Large projects may contain more variables (such as kitting) and turn times will be estimated with your quote. Priority production times are available for urgent situations.

How can I send files to you?

Our FTP is the most cost effective and efficient process but we do accept zip drives, DVDs, and CDs. Send Files Now