web to print storeDigital storefronts enable your business to order and purchase customized print materials such as signage, business cards, and various marketing goods. In 2014, InfoTrends predicted 40% of all printed materials over the coming year would be acquired over the internet. We are definitely seeing this trend and our customers are loving the benefits.

Some of those benefits, especially for those businesses with multiple locations or multiple purchasing personnel, are more brand control over your print items and lower costs by eliminating pre-press time with the print shop and optimizing bulk buying power.

Digital Storefront Case Study: Lowes Foods

Last year, we started an ongoing project with Lowes Foods to streamline the way in which their stores ordered print materials. Lowes has over 90 locations, including their Just Save Foods banner, so they have a high print need, and an online system just made sense for their individual stores.

The real challenge began, however, as Lowes Foods launched some major store remodels to support their homegrown grocery store philosophy. The newly remodeled stores are built around the Community Table – a table made from the reclaimed wood of abandoned tobacco barns.  This is a place in the store where something is happening every day.  One day you might find a local vendor sampling, a wine and cheese pairing, or a kids event.  The Community Table Calendar is tailored to the community, so what you find at the table in Clemmons isn’t exactly the same as what you would find in Pawleys Island.

This meant streamlining the production of each store’s Community Table Calendar was our first priority.

From a print perspective, this monthly calendar could easily spiral out of control. The events, logos, graphics, and featured local vendor details would need to be printed monthly and no two stores would be alike. This would mean hours of graphic time to set up all of the files and sending PDFs back and forth via email was just not efficient.

With a digital storefront, it takes just minutes. We set up a template that allows each individual store to enter in their events for the month easily, and at their convenience. The online storefront then takes that information and formats it into a custom calendar complete with graphics, logos and dates and sends the final print ready files to our presses for print.

“Without this process we would not be able to offer events that are meaningful to our guests, and we would need to produce a one-size-fits all calendar,” said Laura Goldenstein, Director of Marketing Operations.  “From an administration point, this process not only makes this possible, it saves us about eight hours a month.”

If you haven’t checked out the new Lowes Foods in your area, you really should pop in for a look. We can’t say enough good things about their initiative to support local food vendors and the quality of their original offerings.

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