Specialty lighting has transformed the retail space, catching the eyes of shoppers everywhere and calling strategic attention to products. As most sales and marketing people know, drawing attention to a product can drastically improve product awareness and generally ignites product sales. A great example of this is Times Square in NY. It’s one of the best known spaces for LED Lighting and generates $110 billion annually.

We’ve seen some really cool applications of this technology in smaller venues, and I believe, have finally found a cost-effective solution for our ROI-driven client base.

Monster Lighted LED DisplaysLED and EL Lighting Technology

Many times the terms are used interchangeably. However, there are two basic types of lighting technology available for POS signs, LED (light-emitting diode) and EL (electroluminescent), both of which produce light based on electrical current. The lights are small and can be arranged into many display types for unique designs. They can be controlled wirelessly, so hard to reach shelves can be easily fitted for the signs.

Their differences are mostly attributed to the brightness and coverage of lighting. LEDs tend to have brighter lights and are typically one-directional. ELs emit more of a glow than a bright light and are visible from many angles.

Adding motion detectors to either light form creates a trigger that lights the sign when someone enters a pre-determined space and really grabs their attention!

Getting a Return on Your Lighted Display Investment

Our good friends at Quality Mart Convenience Stores are allowing me to test this new product in their stores to see if my intuition is correct. We purchased 15 of these POP displays and have placed five of them in three different Quality Mart locations around Winston-Salem, NC. Over the next few weeks I’ll work closely with Quality Mart and their POS system to measure the performance results.

While I doubt we’ll be able to generate $110 billion in sales like they do in Times Square with LED displays, I do believe that we’ll drastically improve the sales of the product that we are promoting by adding these lighted displays. If I’m correct, we’ll make them available to you as quickly as possible.

I’ll let you know how it goes.