neon signThere’s just something about the classics: an old Mustang GT, the hard candy your grandma used to keep in the house that you can only find at a General Store now, and black and white Bing Crosby movies at Christmas. Something about classic and vintage items really stirs nostalgia. Speaking of vintage, did you know that neon signs have been in use since the 1920’s?

Not wanting to be a “bluenose,” but Sharpe is now offering neon signs. That’s the “bee’s knees.”

Why Use a Neon Sign?

Style. The vintage flare of a neon sign offers a unique style and adds creativity and personalization to your signage.

Attraction. Neon lighting is eye catching and visually appealing. Shoppers passing by will not be able to miss the bright, bold colors and statement that your neon sign makes. Compared to LED lights, neon lights are thought to be more romantic and elegant.

Visibility. Neon signage can be visible 300-400 feet away. Even in harsh weather conditions like fog, neon lighting is able to be seen. Except for maybe white lighting, the neon lights are bright enough to still be seen during the day.

Longevity. While LED lights are increasingly popular, neon lighting is still one of the most popular forms of signage today. I think they have proven their worth in the amount of time they’ve been in use (since 1920’s). Also, in terms of longevity, neon signs provide a long lasting colorful solution to your signage and the colors stay brilliant for years without fading.

Versatility. Neon signs can be used indoors or outdoors. They are perfect for window displays and any other place where you want to be seen. Neon signs are even seen when stores are closed.

A little advice from us: We do recommend placing them where they cannot be touched. Also, we recommend using them for permanent signs rather than temporary (since their content message will not change).

Neon signs are perfect for any business. To get started creating one for you today, contact one of our reps.

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