VFO Holiday SignageYou might not be prepared to throw on an ugly Christmas sweater or sing carols yet, but it IS time to start planning your holiday in-store signage. According to the holiday season can represent anywhere from 20% –40% of annual sales for many businesses, and in recent years about half of marketers had created and launched a holiday campaign before Halloween.  A key component to your holiday campaign needs to include your holiday in-store signage.

It’s the time of year when everyone will be shopping, and you want to make sure they shop with you. Good, quality signage lets them know that you have exactly what they want and need. Did you know about 85% of your customers live within 5 miles of your store? Furthermore, roughly half of all new customers will learn about your business through signage? Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your holiday retail graphics.

7 Tips for Better Holiday Retail Signage

1. Fill Your Windows. I realize some locations won’t allow you to directly apply graphic decals onto your windows,  but why let that stop you from hanging eye catching displays and graphics directly behind them? Everyone is looking for a deal during the holiday season. Let them know you’re worth the stop by catching their eye with your window displays. Entice potential customers and draw them into your store by using bright, bold colors and easy to read signs that advertise your great sales or new and exciting products.

window signage2. Direct Your Customers. Make shopping easier for your customers by using as many signs as possible to convey messages. Having good signage is like having another sales associate working the floor, so make sure they are located front and center. I was in Target the other day and noticed they had some cool new signage that directed customers exactly where to find specific products or sales.

Target College Sign3. Deck the Halls. The old saying “bigger is the better” is true when it comes to your signage. Decorate your store with bright, festive graphics. If you get festive then your customers will also.

4. Play on Emotions. Use your holiday graphics to remind customers of the season. Use images and phrases that stir up positive emotions related to old holiday memories and beloved family traditions. Emotions have repeatedly been shown to help drive sales.

5. Build Brand Awareness. Incorporate your brand into your signage. Use consistent fonts and colors to help make your brand recognizable. This will help customers recognize and remember your brand after the holidays have ended.

6. Get Social. Is your business on social media? If so, include things like your Twitter handle or other social media icons on your signage. This will help customers to further connect with you. Your websites and brick and mortar stores CAN work together.

7. Get Creative.  You want customers to notice you, so mix it up a bit. Use cool signage like 3-D cutouts or shimmering sequin panels that will always turn heads. If you need a more cost effective option, go with magnetic receptive. They are easy to install and change out seasonally. You can also be creative with your location by using floor decals that turn high traffic areas into prime signage space.

Bonus Tip: A great way to use print to your advantage during the holiday season is to include bag stuffers. At checkout, stuff customer shopping bags with an advertisement for an upcoming event or with a coupon good for January. This will help get holiday shoppers to return to your store after the holidays have passed.

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