You’ve perfected your store layout, and you’ve mastered your marketing plan. Great! But is your store missing a key piece of signage? Graphics and signage bring a store to life and keep customers visually engaged. Use this checklist of must have signs to boost sales, enhance appearance, and add customer appeal to your store.

5 Must Have Retail Signs

1. Outdoor/Window Graphics. Your first objective is to get customers in the door. You know you have a great product to offer them, but you need to draw them into your store before you can show them. Grab the attention of shoppers passing by with bold graphics that entice and attract. Try to use the sunlight to your advantage with SolaRay sequins or create three dimensional images by using a layering system. I know layers always catch my eye when I walk by a retailer’s window.

Window Signage

 2. Directional Signage. Ask yourself “If I were a first time shopper in my store, would I feel comfortable here? Would I know where to go next and how to find my way around?” If there is any hesitation there, then fix it with directional signage. This type of signage communicates information to customers about the closest restroom, points them to particular departments, and leads them to the register. Directional signage makes your store more organized, which makes customers feel more at ease. Good signage can act like an employee by guiding customers where they want to go.

3. Safety/Mandated Signage. Check your safety handbooks and guidelines to make sure you have posted all required signs. This includes mandated policies (think hand washing signs in the restrooms). Also, keep in mind ALL customers and their needs. Are you meeting the safety needs of all customers? Think about things like Braille signage for the visually impaired and handicapped entrances and fitting rooms.

4. Sale Signage. You’re offering an awesome sale and you want to draw customer attention to that particular product. These graphics are eye catching, persuasive, and influence shoppers to make purchases. Curious about color usage for sale signs? Read more about the use of color in signage and the impact on shoppers.

5. Social Media Signage/Omni channel. The average American spends at least 37 minutes a day on social media. You’ve drawn the customer into your brick and mortar store, but you want to engage them through multiple channels. Include hashtags, twitter handles, online store URLs, etc on store signage so that customers know how to connect with you. Perhaps offer shoppers a free in-store coupon or other perk for connecting with you on social media.

If your store signage is in need of a revamp or if you’re missing one of the must haves, contact our sales team today.

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