I’ll admit it – I watch way too much Netflix. But recently, I ran across this really great documentary about 3-D printing when perusing for new movies and thought it was worth sharing and writing about.

I know, your first thought is documentary = boring. I promise it’s not boring. The movie shows not only the entrepreneurial leadership that started our love for 3-D printing, but also sparked some new ideas for me of ways that this technology may be useful for my customers. Click the clip to view a trailer.

This technology opens innumerous doors for the future. What used to seem like science fiction, is now fairly obtainable and reestablishing the norms. As 3-D printing has gotten more popular, I’ve been watching to see if it useful for our clients.

Benefits to Retail Stores

With its adaptable nature and its capability to print various shapes and sizes, as well as several color combinations, 3D printing is rapidly becoming the new alternative for businesses across the world. It’s commonly used for prototyping and distributed manufacturing. 3-D printing is also a current trend in retail customizing and personalizing.

Consider these retail benefits:

  • Store modeling- Helps with visualizing designs and store layout.
  • Prototypes- A new product prototype can be produced in mere hours.
  • Customization- 3-D printing allows for individual adjustments per piece.
  • Marketing- This miniature 3-D marketing campaign shows how sending a printed version of a product to potential customers can help to boost sales.

The Future of Wal-Mart? What Do You Think?

Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer, but they lose sales to Amazon often as a result of “showcasing.” This occurs when a customer visits the brick and mortar store to check out a product through sight and touch, but alternatively visits an online store such as Amazon to then purchase it cheaper.

One solution that they are considering is 3-D printing of some goods to help eliminate showcasing. Walmart hopes to be digitally manufacturing goods in their stores by 2020.

Do the possibilities surrounding 3-D printing interest you and your business? We’d love to chat with you about possible uses for your business. Contact us today.

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